NXP NFMI Technology Powers Cannice’s New Production-Ready Truly Wireless Earbuds Reference Design



Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) Technology Enables Reliable Ear-to-Ear Connection for Ultimate Wireless Experience

NXP Semiconductors today announced that Cannice Technology, an original design manufacturer based in China, has unveiled a production-ready true wireless earbuds design.

The Cannice product design will enable Bluetooth headset manufacturers, smartphone vendors and others to quickly bring to market products that "cut the cord" and allow consumers to experience truly wireless connectivity with smartphones and other mobile devices.  NFMI technology supports reliable high-quality audio and data streaming from ear to ear at disruptively low power consumption. This extends the battery life of the earbuds, a critical component of the wireless earbud user experience.

NXP's NXH2280 is an ultra-low power single-chip solution, optimized for wireless audio and data communication using an NFMI radio. It provides a robust and tightly-contained body-area network around the user. NXP's NFMI is a mature technology that has been used for a decade in the hearing instrument industry.

"The Cannice wireless earbuds product design accelerates OEMs' development and market introduction of truly wireless earbuds combining classic Bluetooth with NXP's NFMI technology," said Ken Zhu, Founder and CEO of Cannice. "We found NXP's NFMI to outperform other solutions to wirelessly connect both earbuds. It is essential for a great consumer experience. It offers the best battery life while reliably transferring high quality audio. NFMI continues to work flawlessly even if earbuds are getting smaller."

The product design is available now from Cannice. For more detailed information or acquiring product samples please visit the Cannice website:

The NXH2280 NFMI transceiver is available from NXP, and is supported by a complete starter kit, including application boards, firmware and software development tools.